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Automate your Google Workspace operation with customizable scripts for Google Sheets, Forms, Gmail, Drive, and more.

This script-based Google Sheet includes a form to enter new sales transactions. It also includes a date-based report to view total sales, as well as breakdown by category.

This script-based Google Sheet sends automated responses to new emails that arrive in your Gmail account. Build custom rules that define when a response email should be sent. Use templates for custom email subject and body. Leverage Gmail's labels to trigger responses based on business rules.

This project embeds a Calendly form on a Google Apps Script web app page. Calendly can be pre-filled with data if the user is a returning customer. When the user completes the registration, a Calendly webhook calls the web app end point, which updates a Google Sheet with the registration data.

This Google Apps Script tracks meeting requests that are entered into a Google Sheet. The script creates Google Calendar event for every registration, and populates the invite with customizable title, description, guests, and more.

This solution package includes a Google Apps Script that you deploy as a web app, Javascript code that submits to the web app, and a Google Sheet that records the submissions. The web app sends you email notifications whenever a submission is received.

The project involved pulling information about YouTube channels and their videos and playlists, using the YouTube Data API. A Google Apps Script was built to take an arbitrary number of channel IDs, get their metadata, and then iterate through their videos and playlists and get their own metadata.

All information is to be pulled into a Google Sheet.